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Clarification:  We are engaging in software marketing service  viz.,  B 2 B  and  B 2 C

About  us:

Easy Hunt Soft Tech’s  main aim is to make even a common man  understand  the importance and benefits of digital services  and to market  his services through the digital platform.  After thorough  researches  and several tests done successfully  in the last 5 years, Our main target is to easily cater the needs of common people by giving suitable technical services all over the country in their respective regional languages. We are not only aiming to serve the needs of lakhs and lakhs of people in their day to day life, but also to create jobs opportunity to earn for thousands of needy people.

Our Company’s aim is to be a part of our country’s  aim for Digitalization In the present scenario, as it is very essential  for every one  to know about digitalization and its development in our country, we aim to educate the common man about the importance and usage of the digital services by giving necessary technical training. We also aim to make life simple for our users and to help business grow for our local service firms and customers. We connect with the right professional to  get your job done.